Just discipline your drug addicted son- Isma Olaxees stings Bobi Wine

Social media blogger Isma Olaxees has come out to attack NUP leader Bobi Wine over the way he attacked the St Mary’s Kisubi administration.

Bobi Wine in a viral video that made rounds on social medi last week was seen attacking the school’s head teacher Brother Deodati Aliganyira.

The former presidential candidate said that his son has on countless times told him how he’s harassed at school and also emotionally abused.

Bobi Wine added that he had decided not to pay attention to his son’s allegations till he came to him crying how he had been blocked from running for a prefectorial position.

The former presidential candidate also added that the drugs his son was caught with were allegedly planted in his suitcase intentionally.

However, Isma had no kind words for Bobi Wine. Isma said that the singer turned Politician ought to have handled the matter in a more professional way than what he did in a public meeting.

Isma also added that Bobi Wine should instead discipline his son who he clearly knows uses drugs.

Plus Solomon being at St Mary’s Kisubi, is by luck and through bribery because he never got the cut off points required by the school.

“Bobi Wine is just looking for public sympathy. He knows very well his son smokes, he knows he is an average student he wouldn’t have even complained.

The time he used to attack the headteacher, he would have used it to discipline Solomon. He shouldn’t think politics is applied everywhere,” Isma Olaxess said in an interview with local Television.

Many people have had their different opinions in regards to this matter but majority showed support for Bobi Wine in trying to protect his son.

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