Judiciary mourns death of Former Permanent Secretary Kagole Kivumbi

Judiciary mourns the death of Former Permanent Secretary Kagole Kivumbi

Mr. Solomon Muyita, the Judiciary Senior Communications Officer has through a formal statement announced the unfortunate death of Former Judiciary Permanent Secretary Expedito Kagole Kivumbi.

According to the statement, the deceased breathed his last yesterday’s evening at Le Memorial Medical Services located on Kitiko-Lubowa Kigo road where he had been admitted for a week while attaining treatment.

Currently, the bereaved family is working hand in hand with the judiciary to see to it that the funeral arrangements are taken care of, “The Judiciary is working closely with the family to coordinate the funeral arrangements and they will be communicated subsequently,” read the letter in part.

However, the cause of death is yet to be established although Muyita informed media that the only information he could attain informed him that the late had been experiencing breathing-related complications for the last week.

The communications officer went on to inform that while Kagole worked with the Judiciary, he was a hardworking man, punctual and always ensured everything was done on time, they will certainly miss him.

“Kagole Kivumbi was a hardworking person and quite passionate about work. He streamlined systems in the Judiciary. During his time, he would report to work on time and you could not hear that this or that has delayed or it is not there. He made several reforms, we will greatly miss him,” Muyita informed a local publication.

While working at the judiciary, Kagole was once forced on leave for allegedly mismanaging shillings 34 billion by the head of Public Service, John Mitala back in July 2019. The following year, in December 2020, Justice Musa Ssekaana terminated the forced leave on grounds that it was illegal.

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