Jose Chameleone’s sweet message to Bebe Cool – OMG!! It will shock you

Jose Chameleone

Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has today issued a surprise message to Moses Sali alias Bebe Cool. In addition, while appearing on a live radio interview with DJ Nimrod on Galaxy FM. However, Jose Chameleone shocked the listeners when he said that he loves Moses Sali, not Bebe Cool. In addition, he reassured Bebe Cool that he is miles better than him when it comes to music.

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“I and Bebe Cool have come a long way in the Ugandan music industry. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense if we promote hate instead of love. In addition, we all have families at the moment and secondly we act as examples to the rest of the population. However, I give respect to Moses Sali, not Bebe Cool because Moses Sali understands me better than Bebe Cool,” Jose Chameleone.

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Jose on Bebe Cool and his son Allan
Bebe Cool right and his son Allan left

“When it comes to music, honestly speaking you people can judge for yourselves. Bebe Cool also knows that very well. However, I extend my sincere greetings to him and his family because I honestly love him as a person. I remember asking Bebe Cool’s son Allan to come to Leone Island and I uplift his career. In addition which Bebe Cool did not agree with this, thus sinking his son’s talent. I really don’t see why I should not help my friend’s child when I see his talent wasted,” Jose Chameleone added.

“I would like to fist of all send out greetings to my great friend Bryan White. In addition, Bryan is more than a friend to me. However, people get me wrong every time I talk about Bryan White, they think I am looking for money from him. I and Bryan are great friends and he knows that therefore every time I have a chance to let out my voice to the fans, I will always clear the air. Stay safe my brother,” Jose Chameleone said.

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