Jose Chameleone worships Bebe Cool

For a long time, Bebe Cool has always revealed how he mentored Leone Island boss Dr Jose Chameleone.

However the Valu Valu singer hadn’t spoken much about this as he’s usually known for his big ego.

During a recent music performance, Chameleone revealed how Bebe Cool is his music father adding that he’s a Gagamel fan because Bebe Cool has always had his back.

“I am a Gagamel fan by default because Bebe Cool has always been walking hand in hand with me. He showed me the way in the music industry,” Chameleone said.

The pair has in the past few months become BFFs. It seems like they decided to bury their beefs and mature up.

Both of them started out their careers in Kenya under the Ogopa Deejays label in the late 90’s before returning to Uganda.

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