Jeff Kiwanuka and Sheebah Karungi clash over Mansion

Jeff Kiwanuka and Sheebah

A couple of days prior, we uncovered how vocalist Sheebah Karungi was subtly quarreling with long-term director Jeff Kiwanuka otherwise known as Jeff Kiwa over different issues.

It is said that their fight has left them in such an unpleasant state of mind, that they never again observe eye to an eye.

This has constrained Sheebah to begin working with another group to advance her music, splitting endlessly from Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep.

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Snoops uncover that she as of late discharged a tune titled ‘Ekyaama’ without including Jeff and TNS, which she is advancing under another name called SC Events and Management.

Jeff Kiwanuka

We have discovered that they are presently quarreling over the Munyonyo chateau, which Jeff Kiwanuka is said to have a stake in, in spite of the fact that Sheebah depicted herself as the sole proprietor.

It is uncovered that the manor was financed by Sheebah’s mystery funder who is situated in South Africa just distinguished as Hassan, yet Jeff Kiwanuka cases to have added to its development.

Nonetheless, it is additionally said that FUFA president Moses Magogo is refered to among the individuals who bankrolled and facilitated the arrangement that empowered Sheebah to procure land in Munyonyo where the bunk was raised.

Jeff Kiwanuka

In the interim, it isn’t evident whether Sheebah has all the certified archives for the property in order to maintain a strategic distance from a possession fight with Jeff Kiwanuka.

We hear the two have begun conflicting once again the property furtively.

We have since discovered that Jeff Kiwanuka is furtively searching for another artiste to supplant Sheebah at his mark.

In any case, we have set up that the South Africa based buddy has begun gathering a group that is going to help Sheebah to push her music.

It is said that Jeff Kiwanuka has just trained his group to quit advancing Sheebah’s music and these incorporate DJs, radio moderators, music schedulers in top media houses, among other people who are his finance.

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