Jeff Kiwa spills Sheebah’s secrets

Team No Sleep boss Jeff Kiwa seems not a happy man ever since his top singer Sheebah Karungi quit the label.

The veteran music manager has now come out to spit secrets on why the self styled queen karma’s career stunted internationally.

Jeff who built Sheebah into one of the biggest brands locally said while speaking to a local tabloid that the Nakyuka singer was fixated into small things.

These included photoshoots and applying lipstick to herself.

These therefore could not permit her to evolve into a global force yet she has the potential.

“You find someone spending all their time plastering blood-red lipsticks and taking photos. How do you sell your music that way?” Kiwa was quoted by the 

“Five years are enough for you to be a brand material and an international artiste but when you’re fixated with small things like red lipstick, you remain just a vixen,” he added.

The two parted ways after working together for about 8 years.

No one has really come put to give a detailed explanation on why they ended this working relationship.

They have however all moved on to new chapters .

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