Japanese government grants Uganda UGX 5.8 billion for Covid-19 response

Japanese government grants Uganda UGX 5.8 billion for Covid-19 response

The Japanese government has granted Uganda $ 1,640,442 an equivalent of UGX 5.8 billion to support the Covid-19 response team.

These funds are supposed to be directed to the country through the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and hence fund the cold chain equipment for storage and transportation of the covax in the country.

Also, UNICEF has informed that these funds shall be directed towards procurement of 160 solar vaccine refrigerators, 190 cold boxes as well as 2,200 vaccine carriers to aid for transportation of the vaccine throughout the country.

Additionally, the huge amount is also meant to shelter the acquisition of 10 generators to be used by the covid-19 task force.

This fund was directed to countries located in the regions of Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean as they were granted USD 39 million to help them manage the severe impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uganda so happens to be in this category as Dr. Safieldin Munir, the country’s UNICEF director says that this money is also meant to help curb some of the challenges born due to the Covid-19 pandemic as Munir said;

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant consequences not only in Uganda but the world over. The children have not been spared either. UNICEF is supporting the Government of Uganda and working with different partners to make every effort to protect children, including through our efforts to build more resilient communities.”

Japan also aims at providing the vaccine to every person in third world countries so as to contain the spread of the life-threatening Covid-19. Japanese government ambassador to Uganda Hidemoto Fukuzawa went on to note that this is a global challenge yet the best way to contain Covid-19.

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“Currently, ensuring equitable access globally including in developing countries and accelerating vaccination is the common challenge for the international community towards the goal of containing COVID-19. Japan has been contributing to formulating the COVAX Facility, an international mechanism for the procurement of vaccines, and has already made a financial contribution of US$200 million,” he said.

Uganda had already complained that the vaccines in the country were less than could accommodate the population hence there was a need for additional vaccines to ensure a 100% vaccinated population, hopefully, this shall answer the country’s problems.

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