Is Lydia Jazmine and Lynda Ddane in a romantic lesbian relationship? Whole truth

Social media was awash with a photo of KFM and NTV presenter Lynda Ddane kissing another woman a few days ago.

The recipient of the kiss was identified as singer Lydia Jazmine. This had different blazing up with different opinions with all conclusions saying that the two gorgeous ladies were scissoring up their b3ans.

Lydia Jazmine has however come out to deny being the one in the picture with Lynda Ddane.

The Kapeesa singer said that she’s been out of the country performing in England for the past two weeks.

And according to the information she got, Lynda’s picture was taken at the recent Zzina Awards that happened about a week ago.

Besides she has a moral standard that can’t let her engage in such perverted behavior. The singer also said that her fans know how she exactly looks like and therefore those who fell for it are not real fans.

According to the singer, the girl with Lynda could only have resembled her meaning that it’s Lynda to be asked who she was kissing.

“I have been in England where I performed in cities like Manchester, Watford, London for the past two weeks and I just returned. I’m told that kiss purported to be me and Lynda happened at Zzina Awards which are a week ago. For the record, I don’t attend Awards. Maybe that girl she was kissing resembled me but it wasn’t me. I’m sure my fans are already defending me because they know my moral standards and know how I look like,” Jazmine said.

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