Is it true that you have a small meow- fan questions Martha Kay


Don’t joke around with Ugandans especially if you are in the limelight and are weak hearted. This is because these so called fans can lead you to depression.

However, socialite and radio presenter Martha Kay seems not the type to be broken down easily. She took to her Twitter page and engaged with her followers in a Q&A session.

As some of her fans were very complimentary of her, some weren’t going to spare her of her past. They decided to use it to haunt her but she played of off coolly.

One of the fans asked if its true that she has a small sumbie. Martha replied that this is not theirs to worry about.

Another asked whether she pulled in regards to her nudes that leaked 3 years ago. Martha told this fella to date her and find out.

Some of these comments were really nasty and not for the soft hearted. Martha however managed to weather them down and revealed how she does this.

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