In-depth analysis of the beef between GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju

GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju

There has been a rough cruise of offending words between rappers GNL Zamba and Gravity omutujju. Therefore our team has wrapped up a full view of how it all started. In addition, where it is at the moment so just scroll through, and in a giffy you will be updated.

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As we all know Gereson Wabuyi who is commonly known by his stage name as Gravity Omutujju has been G.N.L Zamba’s (Ernest Nsimbi) rival musically and the Luga flow mixed with Ragga creator has been making GNL’s head spin with some saying, it’s him that made Nsimbi or GNL go to Exile with a lot of pressure from his songs like “Winner” and “Money.”

This could be debatable in between both sides’ fans. However G.N.L Zamba who also owns Baboon Forest Entertainment left Uganda and flew to California. This is where he met a white girl and married her. Therefore if you ask me, yes they have a baby together but that will be a story for another day.

Now, these two have been having silent attacks on each other in the past years. However the attacks have never gotten brutal or gone deep into the papers. Meanwhile, a few days back G.N.L who after a long and quiet spell on the Hip-hop bench released a new song called “DEAR HIP HOP” and as a way of introducing it, he used his social media platforms and indirectly called Gravity Omutujju an Empty tin. In addition, as the English saying goes, “Empty tins make a lot of noise,” G.N.L was not far away from the point.

In his post, he wrote a long essay emphasizing and assuring the Hip-hop world that he was back. Therefore the empty tins were now afraid, he continued and criticized Gravity omutujju in particular saying;

“Tukomyewo namanyi. BAKANKANA The empty tin said we never made any danceable Hip-hop Songs. In addition, like I didn’t introduce the KIKANKANE formula that the EMPTY TIN uses to feed its loved ones!!!” a rant that directly attacked Gravity who used to say G.N.L only sang boring Hip hop music. In addition, it was meant for the old generation like our parents and their great great grandparents.

G.N.L continued to pierce Gravity’s base saying, he is the one who gave the Empty Tin (Gravity Omutujju) a climbing stone. In addition, so he could become who he is today but that such people don’t appreciate and still disrespect him.

He dug even deeper and echoed his thoughts out saying he can’t compare himself to such low standard people. Therefore set his comparison standard to Jayz and Ye because that’s where his vision for Ugandan Hip hop lies. He concluded the post saying that Gravity is going down musically and is brainless.

Gravity Omutujju who we all know as a ruthless and hard-mouthed singer poured cold water on this post.

In addition, and behaved as most youths call it, “Maturely”. However, this was not the end of the story, G.N.L Zamba who calls himself the founder of Hip-hop in Uganda struck again.

This time still using his Facebook platform, Ernest Nsibi went back to history and compared his re-made song of “Ani Yali Amanyi” By the Late Elly Wamala to Gravity’s “Walumbe Zaaya.” He accused Gravity Omutujju for not giving credit to the original creator of the song the late Prince Paul Job Kaffero (RIP) yet in his Ani Yali Amanyi he respected the creator and shouted out to him appropriately.
Let me not be so reportive like our former high school prefects and let you view what G.N.L in his own words said;

“Inspirational lesson: When I wrote Ani Yali Amanyi verses and sampled the Ugandan legend Elly wamala to bridge the gap of old and young crowds in Hip-hop.

It brought success and introduced Hip-hop to more masses. 4 years after I had shown that the formulae worked, EMPTY TIN also got inspired and made Walumbe Zaya sampling Job Kafeero! I was inspired by Elly, and I give credit.

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Does Empty tin give credit to anyone that is why ka industry Kaffe tekakula. Ekko kumitima jabantu abamu !!!! Not letting success build upon success and respect but bickering being small-minded !!!”

Now that up there was like a wake-up call to Gereson Wabuyi or call him Gravity omutujju, it was just like a hot knife through butter, it slipped and hit Gravity at his weakest point and he rushed to his Facebook page sweating like a rabied dog,
“Ssebo Nsibi,” he started, “I heard u say.

When u sampled elly wamala’s (R.I.P)ani yali amannyi? U credited him on the song and when I sampled paul kafero’s R.I.P) WALUMBE ZAYA (a classic) I never credited him..!!!”
“Were u sobber posting this?” he asked.
Now about Gravity’s English, we shall discuss in detail in another article but let’s continue with his reply to GNL.

“Is it fear that takes over u whenever u listen to the masterpiece. In addition, or is it the smoke effect that turns you deaf so u don’t hear ma credits? ??

That’s why I don’t smoke nor booze so to keep ma mind sober n fresh like a newborn and put ma ear on da ground. In addition, listen to the oppressed majority’s problems and raise them to the concerned.”

Gravity sounded mad and angry but he used this opportunity to shout out to his new song Batujozenyo. He was preaching about politics having gone wrong, he concluded his rant advising Mr. G.N.L Zamba to stop putting cigarettes on his ears and further let the cat out of its basket and gave it to Nsimbi straight in the fact that the generations he used to sing for a both tired and doing their own businesses. He then opened his dictionary and looked up the word Marital and then cast his advice deep into GNL’s head by adressing him as Mr and then followed by;

“If u had marital misunderstandings with yo HUSBAND. (go to court and get yo share) but musically you need to consultant me…..”

That up there was a deep insult because Gravity literally called GNL a “Wife to his Wife, meaning that GNL is not a Husband in his home but it’s the wife who he counts as the man and ever since that reply from Gravity, the war has gone silent but not over as the two are using their mouths to point at each other in social media posts.

Gravity has earned himself a new name “EMPTY TIN” and he sounds happy with it because he now posts photos of him with the caption “Empty tin” and for G.N.L he posted a photo of Gravity alongside the feces emoji and claimed it’s his fans trolling Gravity…

If anything fresh erupts between these two, our team will gladly deliver it to you but a special thank you to you all for loving us… See you soon

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