I’m not Bugingo’s wife – Susan Makula

Interesting how visible things can be twisted into lies in the blink of an eye.

The latest to face such a shocking twist is the traditional marriage ceremony that happened between pastor Aloysious Bugingo and Susan Makula.

Makula has now come out to deny being married to Bugingo after the Pastor also denied the marriage.

Bugingo said that his visit to Makula’s home was just a casual visit and a drink and bite ceremony.

Makula also reechoed these sentiments saying that however much Bugingo wants to marry her, what they did was a get together.

She added that she now awaits her parents decision on whether to marry Bugingo or not.

“I have a man who wants to marry me and he will marry me anytime.  Because he wants and will marry me, my people wanted to know who he is and as a child who was brought up well, I can’t get married to someone without showing him to my parents first.”

“So after showing him to them, they now have to decide if they liked him for me or not. They will then write a letter which will be taken to church showing that they have agreed, so from there we will go to church and do the marriage ceremony.  Since I’m a born again Christian, I’m waiting for that.” Makula added.

She was asked why the invitation cards had Kwanjula written on them and she said that she wanted to change it but they had already been printed.

“In fact, I was going to write the word in English that “Welcome home” but I realised when they had already written there “Kwanjula,” Makula defended.

These story twists from Bugingo, Makula and the ceremony attendees comes a few days to the court summon issued by a court in Entebbe.

This is after a petition filed against the couple for violating customary marriage laws in Uganda by lawyer Male Mabirizi.

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