I’m not Amelia Kyambadde’s daughter – Priscilla Kibira Opens up on Nisha Tania’s fraud allegations

I’m not Amelia Kyambadde’s daughter - Priscilla Kibira Opens up on Nisha Tania’s fraud allegations

Businesswoman Priscilla Kibira has today come out to clear the air about the viral fraud allegations that she cons money from people claiming she is a daughter to Minister of Trade Amelia Kyambadde. This followed after the trade minister and Nisha Tania exposed her earlier yesterday.

“Priscilla Kibira is posing as my daughter duping many people with empty promises, promotions at work and herbal remedies,” Minister Amelia Kyamadde distanced herself from Priscilla…

Well according to Cyclone Times news sources, Priscilla Kibira has firmly cleared the air about the false trending allegations… She says that she is not a fraudster and therefore everything Nisha Tania is doing is just trying to tarnish her name.

“She [Nisha Tania] was demanding me a Dela and Chips for 6K instead of 10K and I paid her though she’s threatening me and asking for more money that failure too she’s going to say that I stole her clothes from the shop. Additionally, Nisha Tania is a lesbian as the screenshots below, and also she made videos in her phone on snap chat carrasing me. She was seducing me from the shop I wondered about this new friend I got on tik tok. On tik tok she has a video were she says that whoever wants to start a business, cosmetics we go to her at the shop. And she put her number there. We met for 3 times.

Then she invited me to her place in kyaliwajjala. Hoooooo hmmmm she has girls that were calling her all over the night nga she claims that they over disturb her ela they were talking love moods with her. Early morning I wokeup very early and told her I wanted to go. She was over touching me. I was at edge of the bed nga I get her next to me. She wanted to kiss my breasts. Then when I denied she told me that tategeela. So I have screenshots that I can’t put here because I respect her being a woman.

So she’s taking advantage over me on social media. I didn’t want to expose Nisha Tania but since she’s threatening me and asking for more money. Enough is enough. Ugandans am too sorry. I have never wished or ever tried to fraud people about herbal medicines …It all has where it comes that I can’t explain to look like am contradicting myself but I live all to God. I can’t put someone’s nude on social that won’t look responsible include that on,” Priscilla Kibira revealed.

See Screenshots below…

One of the social media in-laws defended Priscilla saying that she is a good girl and has never ever been a fraudster…

“I know Priscilla Kibira. She is not a mufere. She is a good girl. Whoever told Honorable Minister Kyambadde might have hated Priscilla but she is not a bad person,” a social media in-law said.

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A few hours before Priscilla came out to clear the air, a one Nisha Tania came out claiming how she fell victim of Priscilla’s tricks…

“Banange that gal she came to my shop hoooooooooooo banange mufele banange yalyaa chips za 10k zabandi. Additionally, she said that she’s my sister to them n then she told me she has 10m she wants to do a cosmetic shop. Therefore I help her she said that kojja kansiwa help her to get money ela Nisha hoooo come I take u thea u will c later she told me that today is my mother’s birthday so I want to buy something so she told me that give me that dress I packed it n she said le me send u on yo phone she didn’t yandekela amabanja hoooo then I called her she was like money is not my problem my mum is Amelia kyambade n my dad is a brother to kirumila awo wenakoma otegela” narrated one of the victims known as Nisha.

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