I’m going to build a city that is far better than Akon City – Don Bahati Brags

City socialite Don Bahati

City socialite Don Bahati who is based in South Africa has vowed to build a city that will outsmart Akon’s city. He says that his will commence next year and it’s something he’s had in the pipeline for quite long.
Bahati who was a member of the Rich Gang crew that was headed by Zari’s late husband Ivan Ssemwanga said that it was the crew’s dream.

“I want to build Bahati city next year. It’s a plan we had as a group myself, King Lawrence, and the late Ivan Semwanga. Since he left us, I won’t stop, I’m going to continue with these plans” the socialite divulged.

He made this revelation during an interview on the local TV channel BBS Terefayina. His remarks come just a few weeks after American superstar Akon made his intentions clear of building a futuristic city in Uganda by 2036.
Bahati also went ahead to request the government for support as it did for the “Be with you” singer.

Akon was given one square mile of land to build his second Akon city in Africa by the government.
The big spending socialite believes that government should support indigenous investors before foreigners. As the government preachings of Buy Uganda ,build Uganda, the government should be the first customer of it’s ideals.

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It’s waited to see the seriousness of Don Bahati and whether the government will extend out a hand to him.
We shall keep you updated with the development of this story.

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