Illegal enforcement of SOPs lands policeman behind bars

SOPs - Bugiri man arrested for killing his two children and severely injuring a neighbor

SPC 2818 Patrick Malimu has been incarcerated on Saturday afternoon for illegal enforcement of Covid-19 SOPs / Standard Operating Procedures.

Allegedly, the mentioned policeman alongside another suspect Richard Oyet were both arrested having illegally enforced Standard Operating Procedures at Amoko-Lagwayi Easy village in Pajule town council.

The act is considered illegal basing on the fact that Patrick Malimu acted on his own Accord rather than on actions imposed by seniors as it is meant to be done before executing any duties whatsoever.

David Mudong Ongom, the Aswa River Region police spokesperson confirmed that in deed, Malimu and Oyet had raid the village in Pajule town council to try and forcefully enforce the SOPs.

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However, things went south once the duo tried to arrest someone for not wearing a face mask which caused a scuffle among the two hence attracting the attention of not only community but also the police.

Due to the rising tensins between two, Mudong went on to explain and Malimu got angry and released a stray bullet which hit one of the bystanders 53-year-old Sisto Oyet that is still nursing injuries.

Right after this, Malimu who was aware of the impending doom ran away leaving Oyet behind in the hands of an angry mob. Currently, both Oyet and the victim are in critical condition as they are admitted at Pajule health center.

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