I won’t stop dressing skimply- Karole Kasita dares h0rny fans

Female dancehall singer Karole Kasita has come out to dare h0rny fans by saying that she will keep dressing in her skimpy outfits.

This follows the continued sexual harassment of artists by fans. A video surfaced over the weekend that showed a h0rny fan running his finger into bummy singer Martha Mukisa’s sumbie boundaries.

However, according to Karole Kasita, its fans that should be restrain from doing such behavior and not instead them to change their dress code.

The Balance singer added that events organizers should look for ways to restrain fans from easily accessing artists while performing.

“Changing my way of dressing won’t stop sexual harassment. Event organizers must find a way to limit the easy access of the fans to the artistes. A gap should be created during these performances, “Karole Kasita said.

She also cautioned these fans and asked them to respect the performers they go and pay to watch.

“The fans have to come and watch us perform respectfully. They don’t have to touch the artists. When people say that such acts happen because we dress skimpily, it is encouraging these fans to continue harassing artists. I will not stop wearing what I want just because of some ill-mannered fans,” she further said.

Ever since concerts were reopened fans as well as artists have showed a high level of horniness.

The likes of Kapa Cat, Chozen Blood, Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, Martha Mukisa, Lydia Jazmine, Gravity Omutujju have all either been dared sexually or have dared their fans erotically.

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