I won’t let any man play in my soup – Daxx Kartel says amid breakup with Momo 19

Daxx Kartel

Love is really a beautiful thing when you get the one you love and more amazing when you exchange vows to stay with that person forever. This was the case for singer Sulaiman Ssebunya aka Daxx Kartel after he walked down the aisle with lover Momo19.

The two were such a gorgeous couple that everyone admired on their social media pages with adoring pics. However, like any other relationship, the two had bumps and bruises and it finally ended in tears.
The past two weeks have seen the couple exchange bitter words after breaking up.

Momo and Daxx Kartel traded different accusations of infidelity and domestic violence. Momo19 even got to a point of saying that she will refund the bride price or ‘Mahare they paid for her. She said the 2M they paid for her is not such a big sum to be yapping all over about.

Momo went ahead to say that if Daxx Kartel and his manager had money she would have sued them in the wake of the release of Daxx Kartel’s ‘Nswa song. She alleges that the song is meant to tarnish her name of infidelity a thing she has never done.

The former BBS TV presenter went ahead to say that the Baala singer subjected her to domestic violence. This in turn led her to having a miscarriage.
However, despite all this Daxx Kartel seems like he hasn’t gotten over his ex wife. He says that they were duly wed and exchanged vows to be together no matter what. 

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“You should take what I am telling you seriously. I am not leaving my wife for any man. We made the vows for a lifetime,”  Kartel said.

Momo was rumored to have already moved on with a south African Ugandan-based socialite but both denied the rumors.
We wish Kartel all the best in fighting for the love of his life.

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