I wish I knew these 5 tips before starting up a blog – the 4th tip shocked me

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Hello everybody, I guess you are doing really well amidst this coronavirus global pandemic. However, in this article, I am going, to be honest with you and share the five tips I wish I knew before starting up my blog. Therefore I recommend you read until the end.

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A lot of people out there have started blogs but unfortunately, they end on the way of their journeys to blogging.

In addition, We don’t think about what it takes to run a successful blog on the internet… In fact, we forget that there are a billion blogs running on the internet thus there is stiff competition to rank higher in search results.

Few people think about a blog as a full-time job or employment, however, some people get into blogging just because they feel they should write about something. In addition and forget the keynotes that will trigger success over the internet… Blogging comes along with quite so many factors which keep discouraging people after they already started…

Meanwhile, to cut the story short, here are a few things you need to know before starting up your own blog… This is because I don’t want you to go through what I went through and felt like giving up completely off blogging.

Goals for your blog

Choosing a perfect niche for your blog helps a lot

The first to consider is your goal… hmm, this may seem to be a very simple one however it’s one the key things you have to put into consideration before starting your blog. If you really set what your goals for your blog are, you can eventually really set a pace for your success. In this I mean consider things such as a full-time commitment or business because blogging needs all your time and care.

The Enticing Niche for your blog

What are you going to write about and what kind of content are you going to publish really matters when kicking off with your journey to blogging. In addition, you really need to also be so passionate about writing awesome and high-quality content for your audience you are serving. Again, don’t focus so much on content that is going to take a very short period, for instance, one month and whatsoever. Therefore this means you need to provide content that will keep driving people’s attention over and over.

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Site Functionality

What do you really want your blog to look like and How do you want it to behave when it comes customization. Hmm, I don’t recommend you use Wix and square space for setting your blog because you will be limited to access to some features over time. I, therefore, recommend you to have a self-hosted website and above all, it is designed using WordPress… WordPress is by far the best Content Management System out there because it will give you full control over your blog. In addition, and if you have no idea about website design and development… You can follow this link below and contact these people immediately because they really offer cool websites for their clients.


Your added value

Like I said earlier, this one shocked me because I thought it was a minor tip. You must consider what will drive off people from your competitor’s blogs on to your blog. Therefore you will need to add more spice into your content that will make you unique out there …hmm provide high-quality articles better than those of your competitors. In addition, this will help you blend the trust around your audience.

Traffic sources

In the beginning, you are going to spend a lot of time designing your blog. In addition, you are going to put in a lot of effort seeking people to write high-quality content. Therefore this is why it is very important to have a marketing plan for your business. You might decide to invest some money in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or you can think of the usage of social networks. In addition, either way, you can as well invest in paid ads. This is because you have to use all platforms or methods available to ensure the right target audience consumes your content.

If you have loved this article, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below as I will get back to you instantly. In addition, If you need to improve your traffic for your blog an stand out on Google, then you can click the contact link up for more information. In conclusion, if you are interested in a Full Digital Marketing Course with Seach Engine Optimation (SEO), hit the link below and request for this service…


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