I will never trust men again- Famous tweep Malaika Asiimwe says after leaked video


A tweep by the user names of Malaika Love on Twitter who has had people buzzing about her leaked s3xtape has come out to reveal how she won’t trust men again.

She said that she’s disappointed on how her video found its way to the internet.

Well don’t ask us of we have seen the video because we are just like you.

She has set the internet on fire and everyone is trying to look for this video.

Despite everyone’s attempts, searches have proved futile.

It’s not yet clear whether this video indeed is there or if it’s just a prank.

However, some sources state that there is no video.

She simply used this as a trick to have herself trending and she’s indeed achieved it.

Netizens are still talking about her video and hunting for it yet it doesn’t seem to exist.

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