I will keep beating you up till you know your lane – Winnie Nwagi promises fans

Singer Winnie Nwagi has come out to promise some of her fans that are disrespectful fire. The self styled Firebaby said that the disrespectful fans will continue to get beaten by her.

The Sasi ku nyama singer said that some of the so called fans don’t know their lane and they will usually cross it.

She will therefore make sure to remand them in it incase they cross it by thumping them up.

Nwagi was making the comments in regards to a recent video where she slapped a fan who was recording her cookie.

She wondered why a fan would want to do such a thing if they came to party.

Besides her clothing is not indecent as claimed but rather it’s what gives her comfort because she’s Firebaby.

“Fans need to know where they stop and where we can interact. For instance why would you try to film me under my skirt when I’m performing. I will keep beating them up if they can’t know their limits. I don’t want ‘kamanyiro’ from fans. They should only be part of my music journey and not my personal lifestyle and choices. For my dressing, it’snot indecent I’m the Firebabyand I have to create the fire,” Nwagi said.

The Swangz Avenue singer who has an upcoming concert said that she won’t start acting hypocritical by letting fans’ ‘kamanyiro’ get to her only because she wants them to attend.

Those who truly support her will come through and support her. Nwagi has overtime cut a controversial reputation especially for a violent conduct and clashing with fans.

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