I Went To Heaven At 12 Years And Met God – Pastor Irene Manjeri

Well if you were still doubting if heaven exits and how it looks, there are people who have been to heaven and met God even.

Forget the pastors and those who give testimony outside Uganda, the Pearl of Africa has her own who has ever been to heaven and it’s none other than Pastor Irene Manjeri.

While appearing on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya program, the Bethel Healing Ministeries lead pastor said that she went to heaven at the age of 12.

She saw god and even had a conversation with him .

It was this encounter that changed the rest of her life.

Manjeri then said that she built a church at the age of 15.

“I built a church at the age of 15. I was able to do this because people were giving me money for my ministry. I would later develop the church even more after I travelled abroad,” she said.

The pastor also recalled the first time she went abroad.

She said it was in the 90’s and had to figure things out herself as she was seeing many things for the first time.

Manjeri recalled falling on an escalator adding that she had never even seen apples.

She went ahead to say that the villageness in her was on hyper drive.

The pastor has been in the news in the past few days over her embattled marriage with husband Dr Emmanuel Katongole.

Pastor Manjeri a few days ago revealed how she was raped by an MP in 1993 leading to the birth of her first son Isaiah.

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