‘I need 8 kids’ – Bad Black

Bad Black

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black has said that his main objective is to have eight kids.

Bad Black was talking about her family plans, dreams, and aspirations regarding the number of kids she hopes to have.

According to the motor-mouthed socialite, she would like to have up to eight kids.

“Giving birth is a choice.,” Bad Black said during a TV interview before adding.

“I currently have 4kids and I need 8 kids by the way,” she added.

Bad Black also said that a woman doesn’t need to marry a rich man in order for her to have babies.

She therefore urged ladies to give birth out of love and passion.

She later revealed how her family that was ruined in poverty.

But it didn’t limit her mother from having as many children as she could.

“I don’t believe in the mentality that someone needs to have a rich man in order to produce or first get into her comfortable financial place.”

“I take example of my mother who birthed us even when she was very poor and struggling in life.”

It should be noted that Bad Black is organizing a mega wedding ceremony this year with her new boyfriend Asha Pa Da.

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