I love s€x without c0ndoms – Angella Katatumba makes shocking revelation

Angella Katatumba

Veteran songstress Angella Katatumba never ceases to amaze especially ever since she made a comeback onto the Ugandan spotlight scene.

The millionaire rich daughter of the late mogul Bonny Katatumba has shockingly revealed how she prefers to eat the forbidden fruit tubeless.

Angella has been in the news for different reasons more especially for her short stinted relationship with music producer and singer Daddy Andre.

She is not afraid to air out her mind the way she feels and does not care about how the public will perceive it. This has got people talking about her as a spoilt rich kid.

This time round she took things a little bit far when she became kinky and dirty in her revelations. Angella while talking in a local TV interview decided to spill all her x-rated secrets. She addressed the issue of condoms during bedminton as she said condoms are irritating to her. She affirmed the popular notion of “sweets cannot be licked while wrapped with polythene”.

It should be remembered that when Angella’s relationship with Andre hit a snag, she came with a barrage of accusations. This included Andre’s refusal to take an HIV test. This was one of the catalysts to the once glamorous couple breaking up.

She was however asked in an interview why she didn’t opt to use condoms after Andre refused the test. Without holding back Angella said that, ” “I don’t like using condoms because some men will tear the condom or remove it without your knowledge.”

Angella couldn’t hold back at taking a swipe at the rich men she has had mingling her posho and beans. She claims these always want to die in her legs and make her pregnant since her family is rich.

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“Men always want to make me pregnant because I’m from the Katatumba family. We are rich. I know these tricks and I cannot fall for them,”.Angella Katatumba said.

Gauging on the factor that Angella has been around the industry of glam for around 20 years, she surely knows all the dirty tricks of men.

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