I just wanted to die after the death of my son- Juliana Kanyomozi


There is no pain such as a mother losing her child and especially an only child. This was the case for legendary songstress Juliana Kanyomozi in 2014 when her son Keron Kabugo succumbed to asthma.

While appearing in a TV interview with Faridah Nakazibwe on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya, Juliana said that she felt like dying after her son passed away.

She even didn’t want to touch anything in his room. She just kept it intact the way he had kept it. It was after a long time that she started to heal from this traumatic experience.

“For years I kept my son’s room the same way he left it. At some point, I wanted to die. But when I packed up his things, I realized that my healing process had started,” Juliana said.

According to the Nabikoowa singer, she remained angry at herself and God for a long time.

Someone however told her that she had to let go and stop blaming herself.

It was then that she started to comprehend her loss. On those who tell mothers to give birth after their children die, they are wrong and should stop this because children are not like phones that you buy another when you lose one.

Juliana who also has an upcoming concert this week at Kampala Serena Hotel revealed that its also rude and insensitive for people to question a woman in when she’s giving birth.

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