I don’t need to pull if I have money – Angella Katatumba

Veteran singer Angella Katatumba recently came out to trash the popular norm of women pulling their private parts.

This traditional practice is very popular in the Bantu speaking tribes of Uganda and is said to be an ingredient for enhancing sexual pleasure.

However while speaking to Senga Justine Nantume, Katatumba said that she has no time for such things.

She added that those who want to pull should go ahead as she makes her money.

Katatumba also said that pulling is not a guarantee that a man won’t leave you so she doesn’t see any value added with pulling.

“I’m a munyankore woman but I don’t have time for such practices. I will make my money as those who want to pull go ahead and pull. What’s even the guarantee that a man won’t leave you with your elongated twin towers,” Katatumba said.

Senga Nantume asked her if she doesn’t have time to play the adults game.

Katatumba said that she does but she’s comfortable without the twinnies.

Well there you have it, make money instead of wasting time visiting the bush.

Man is a hunter and will always chase the animals that look appeasing to his eyes and money is the accessory to make you look fantastic.

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