I don’t have time for losers – Sheebah Karungi to Spice Diana

Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi has come out to clarify how she doesn’t have time to reply Spice Diana‘s cries about her fans constantly attacking the “Onsnula” singer.

A few days ago the source management singer came out and issued a public warning to the Sheebaholics. She told them to stop insulting and attacking her on her own social media pages.

Spice Diana

She added that if Sheebah’s fans don’t like her, it’s absolutely fine. They should stick to their artist and let her stick to her own fans too.

However a section of the public advised Spice Diana to be mature and stop crying over childish stuff. They further told her to stick in her lane and not attack the queen karma whom they threw in her face as being miles ahead of her.

Fans from the different camps have long pitted the singers against each other on who is the better singer. It is no secret that the two divas are currently the top grossing female artistes at the time.

Therefore it’s no wonder that a beef seems like boiling up on who sits at the helm of Ugandan female music. This has though been catalysed by fans.

The “Nakyuka” singer though seems like she won’t give the debate ground to unfold as she quickly shut it out. Sheebah said that she does not have control over her fans feelings and what they do is absolutely none of her business.

“I do not have control over that therefore i cannot put a sytop to it,” Sheebah Karungi said.

The TNS singer added about how she has no time for rumors and less important things. She’s focussed on building her brand and things that add value to her.

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“I’m focusing on my businesses and women empowerment. Why should I give unimportant things my time?” Sheebah added.

This is not the first time fellow women artistes are being pitted against teach other by fans. It should be recalled that in 2019 Cindy’s fans the ‘Cindicates’ and Sheebah’s ‘Sheebaholics’ clashed on who is the ruler of Ugandan female music.

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