I deserved to be on the Bebe Cool list – Bobi Wine’s brother claims

Singer Big Size Bebe Cool released his annual Bebe Cool list on New year’s and it has really got some people already talking.

Among these was Bobi Wine’s little brother Dax Vibez who claimed that he should have been on the Gagamel boss’ list.

Reacting to Bebe’s lack of knowledge about any artist called Dax Vibez, the Firebase prodigy said that Bebe Cool should amend the list and include him.

“Naye Uncle nolimba ensi nti tomanyi. Yii kale check out my YouTube oteleze list eyo,” Dax Vibez commented on Bebe Cool’s page.

There was however an artist from Firebase onto the Bebe Cool list for a second year running in Zex Bilangi Langi.

Bebe Cool described Zex as proving to be a likeable character.

Pallaso on the other hand who was chosen by Bebe Cool as the artist of the year also showed his elation.

The Bareke abo singer said that earning Bebe Cool’s respect and honor is one of the challenges he’s ever been faced with in his life.

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