I cant have sex anymore- Evelyn Lagu cries out


Singer Evelyn Lagu has told how her current illness has stopped her from having sexual intercourse with any man.

That said all those that have been accusing her of bedding several partners are wrongly accusing her.

“All those who used to accuse me of loving many men do it for nothing because I’m not allowed to sleep with anyone because of my condition,” she said during an interview with Sanyuka TV.

Further,she also revealed that her arm needs surgery because it became swollen due to the many injections administered to it.

It should be noted that the singer who is suffering from the kidney had a kidney transplant fail a while ago in Turkey.

This happened because of her poor health condition. Doctors notified her that she would die if they performed it on her.

Injections were therefore prescribed for her in order to stay alive for some time.

The Mbulila singer went ahead to plead with promoters to hire her for performance.

She feels she now has a little bit of energy and its the only way to sustain her ever demanding medical bills.

“I call upon promoters to give me some shows to perform because now I have some strength to walk, stand, dance and perfom.

That’s one of the ways I can afford my medical bills and everything necessary for my health,” she further added.

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