I can’t get pregnant when Nabatanzi failed to- Lwasa’s wife says

It seems the name Diana Nabatanzi will never leave the Lwasa household.

She might be by now regretting the day she met and started dating Lwasa.

The latest to have Nabatanzi’s name in her mouth is Lwasa’s wife Kwakunda Charity.

Lwasa’s wife used it as an example on why she won’t be giving birth for the Masaka based tycoon anytime soon.

Kwakunda was addressing critics who say shes’s after Lwasa’s money and doesn’t love him.

She asked why these people feel so pained when Lwasa gifts her with different things.

Kwakunda went ahead to tell them to come and pick the things from her if they have a share on Lwasa’s property.

She said that Nabatanzi who had been in a relationship with Lwasa for five years did not give birth. Therefore she’s also not in arush.

“Why do certain people feel so pained when Lwasa gives me things. They say am after his mony and I don’t love him but it’s his money not theirs. Please if you have a stake on the money that Lwasa gives me, please come and pick it. Why should I refuse the things he gives me when am not going to be buried with him. Am his legal wife and those saying I’m detoothing him should know it’s neither their fathers’ nor their money. And those equestioning why I haven’t produced for him yet, he has a number of kids and doesn’t need one for now. If Diana Nabatanzi spent five years with him and did not produce why should I be in a rush.’ Kwakunda said as a joyful Lwasa looked and cheered on.

The couple has of recent been in th news for different reasons but more so due to Lwasa’s constant attacks on Diana Nabatanzi.

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