I aborted Feffe Bussi’s Baby Because He Had No Interest – Leila Official

Leila Official

Earlier this week we published a story about a one Leila Official who took to Facebook through a group called LOVE STORIES accusing the Uganda freestyle king Feffe Bussi for making her pregnant and thereafter failing to give her any sort of assistance, this story spread very fast most especially on Facebook but then the author of the post came out and cleared the air saying her account had been hacked and she denied having posted the story and that seemed the end but today we have new sightings for you.

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Leila official in a post after the noise asked for forgiveness for not posting the accusations but she didn’t say what was said in the tough post was not true.

We now have a mature story about everything that was said in the original post regardless of the author.
A source close to Namutebi Lillian who is Leila Official in our story told our team that its true Leila and Feffe Bussi indeed know each other and almost everything that was posted that day was true before we believed any of this, a video was posted in the last evening showing Leila Official yessing and confirming all that had got everyone speaking.

In this video posted by NBS Tv media on Facebook and Twitter was a lively Lillian Namutebi alias Leila Official narrating how she and Fefe Bussi were once an item.
She says the two met some time back not long ago, seven months to be exact and Casablanca being the venue, Fefe and Leila seemed to like each other and it was love at first sight.

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She narrates saying the two are friends though it has been quite a long time since they last talked since she changed her number and she was not certain if he tried to call.
“No the problem came from, okay all I know is it started from the pregnancy because he started distancing himself from me. When I told him that I was pregnant, he was like (wow) and he showed that he loved the baby and he asked me when we were going to give birth and I told him it’s still young, we shall produce be patient.” she narrated

Leila Official
Leila Official

” Now the problem emanated from, it was even Eid, by the way, I found him with another girl and he openly told me in the house there was another girl and for that reason, he didn’t want me to enter in there. I also had anger within because we also get mad and it hurt me, I didn’t react as such but I kept quiet and was like okay, there is some stuff in the house when you get them, you call me or you bring them to me and he was like okay.”

Since that day I got a thought within me because first of all he was not giving me any help yet I was pregnant with his baby and it was now mature, he (Fefe Bussi) was not giving me any help, not giving me any money, didn’t even bother to know where I was staying and in general, he was reckless and helpless so I said to my self, actually not even saying to my self but everyone used to tell me to abort because he doesn’t care about you, you will regret and all that and yes I also had to study.

Yes, I had gotten strong and ready for anything at first when he showed he loved the kid but after I thought about it and was like am going to lose my future, let me abort.”

She continues her story saying it was big and had developed and she feared she was even going to lose her life trying to abort because it was like 5 months and a half, it hurt her because she loved her baby but she had to do it. In her view, she continues and says all that was posted was not her doing because she would never ever try to spoil his career or tarnish his name…
Thanks for reading and watch her full video interview below… We are Cyclone Times.

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