How Ugandans reacted to Chameleon’s Political Tour to NRM

As majority of NRM members welcome chameleon back to the ruling party, many Ugandans on social media have bashed at him instabilitiy in the political scene.

Jose Chameleon, real name Joseph Mayanja has made several political moves in Ugandan political parties. After leaving NRM party towards the 2021 elections, he moved to DP where he was named National mobiliser. He later moved to NUP where he unsuccessfully contested for the party Load mayor. He later contested as an independent where he suffered a landslide defeat.

Cyclone Times is monitoring the Social Media streets and had been Able to extract the following comments.

“It’s embarrassing how such a great man who has inspired generations in the last 20 years through his music is acting like a sissy. Chameleon doing chameleon things…”

“Chamili used to buy a car for every hit song he made and named the cars after the songs. From Njo Karibu to Mama Mia and so on. That he still gets excited about vehicles today only speaks to the villager in him. Dude has no principles whatsoever.”

“The personality of a chameleon is complex, and we only know a little about it. Just as their color transformations are expansive, so is the range of their personalities. Only recently have we began to understand how they communicate their status.”

“I cant blame my brother, people support the opposition at the expense of their life. Only the top guys in opposition benefit. They never help the common man.”

“I think it’s about time we examined the names we desire or identify ourselves with; there comes a time when the true meaning of your name begins to manifest. A case in point, chameleons by their nature change colours at the change of their surroundings, I see a pattern somewhere”

“First Dp mobilizer, moves to NUP for mercy votes now denies ever living NRM . Those are hungry people for you and statements that will haunt him one day”

“Chameleon bent low for a range rover, I have no problem we are used. That’s prolly 500m plus, he has the capacity to maintain it on top of being directly in contact with those that gave it to him.. Then what about you, in what capacity are you? Who knows you in government”

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