How to make money online Right now – Free $100 per Day legally in 2021

How to make money online Right now – Free $100 per Day legally in 2021

Hello online money makers, in today’s article, I am going to show you how to make money online. For starters, I will briefly share my short story about my experience with making money online.

I had thought of getting a job after my course, however, things didn’t go smooth for me as I had expected. Therefore I almost gave it up in life because I could hardly meet my bills. I lost my friends and some of family members branded me a failure in life.

This was the worst experience in my entire life because I felt useless in the society… Well to cut the whole story short, I prayed to God to guide me on to my nest chapter. Surely, God did answer my prayers as one morning I opened my computer and I browsed YouTube about to make money online.

Guess what, I saw a couple of tutorials of people teaching the same topic. Therefore I could hardly believe who was telling the truth not until I landed on one of the videos that really inspired me so much.

I watched the video until the end and surely this changed my entire way of thinking towards making thousands of dollars per day.

I therefore encourage you to look through all these ways that I have personally used to mint dollars online. This is because I believe they will make a difference in your entire life. Additionally, read this article until the end.

The following are the top revised ways how to make money online legally right now for free.

1 – Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is one of the fastest and easiest ways of earning money online. For those that do not understand what Dropshipping means?

By definition, Dropshipping is an e-commerce model that fulfills customer orders through a third party.

That is to say, customers make orders from your shopping cart log, but then you do not meet the other costs of storage and shipping of the products.

To get started with Dropshipping, identify a wholesaler or distributor that offers this service, for example Amazon, or eBay.

Secondly set up a website with a shopping cart. Or else you could set up a virtual storefront on Amazon.

Thirdly promote your products on social media plats to attract a wider audience.

Lastly, you can sell as many products as you want depending on your market reach.

2 – Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing continues to be one of the most stable ways of making money on line.

This allows you to make money by promoting other brands. For example you could advertise other company brands on your website.

 You could do by asking for a unique code link from which referrals from which referrals can by tracked.  Brands pay commissions for each referral sent to them.  

For you to start affiliate marketing, identify a specific niche to focus on.

Secondly join an affiliate program.  For example you could do search affiliates, review sites, email marketing programs or coupon promotions   

3 – Become an Influencer

Choose to become an influencer and make money online as well. Besides that, there are a number of Celebrities earning money through this. For example, Christiano earns thousands of dollars for each sponsored post on Instagram.

The easiest way of becoming an influencer is by building a health following.

Secondly make sure you are authentic in everything that you do.

That is to say you could have a niche in focus where you post authentic content. This will help get contact from other brands to help them advertise their products.

With a healthy following, then you can make money by charging for sponsored posts. Secondly you can go an extra mail to speaking, creating online stores to sell products or adding affiliate links for other brands.

4 – Blogging

Individuals who have the skills and love writing usually start blogs with a niche in focus.

Emphasis should be made on focusing on a specific niche. Secondly ensure that the topics selected are further narrowed down.

Thirdly, as you write your content, focus on your audience, because you are writing what your target audience is looking for.

For example, a blog about online marketing, news blog, entertain blog or music depending on your field of expertise.

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to start a blog.

When you identify a niche, focus on specific keywords; make thorough key word research for your topics.

And then, expand into other relevant categories within your niche as you grow your brand.

The purpose is to help you grow and build a massive brand over time.

Also, put in mind that the design of your blog is also very important in building first impression from new visitors.

Something to bench mark from, there are multiple ways you can make money online with blogging. For example, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, drop shipping plus Ads

5 – Start a YouTube channel

Are you aware that people make more video searches on YouTube than Google? And there is high demand for YouTube content as well.

If many people are using this to earn a lot of dollars then why not do the same.

 Hence, people who are skilled in creating enticing video content are using this platform; it could be educative or entertaining content.

A case in point, comedians, music artists, motivational speakers have a good health following on YouTube.

YouTube only requires you to create an account.

Secondly understand the secret of making money on YouTube. Therefore write great content which is highly demanding. Highly demanded content is either educative or entertaining.

Focus on a single niche and make a thorough research of what the audience is looking for. This will help you in building a strong and loyal following.

 Use the right key words in your content; write enticing headlines that catch the eyes of the people watching. Once you get a big number of subscribers to your content then you can now monetize your content.

6 – Content Writing.

Focusing on content writing will surely give you a big deal of dollars as well.

A number of forms of text based content that you can focus on are available.  For example, Articles, videos, Product descriptions, Website content, podcast, Email newsletters, Press releases, or EBooks.

Many brands out there are in search of skilled people to write for them content. I know this could be a gold opportunity for you who isdreaming to sale your skills.

You could of course become a freelancer writer, an SEO specialist on fiver, or an online journalist.

In addition to that, with the increasing number of innovations in the modern economies, there is great thirsty for information. Therefore people what to learn new skills, discover what is trending; brands want to meet people’s demands. But is not possible until individuals produce what the audience is searching for.

Besides that, you will want to make thorough keyword research for each topic you want to write about. I ideally, you must do thorough key word research. Focus on relevant keywords that that most customers are looking for. As you write your content ensure that you focus on solving the problems of the clients.

Meanwhile, through content writing you can earn money online in several ways. For example, you could work as an SEO specialist, a news writer for news blog, side gigs on Fiverr depending on your focus.

7 – Become a TikTok consultant.

TikTok is one of the newest and trendiest ways of making money online. If you have expertise in creating viral videos, videos that are enticing then you can work as Tiktok consults for brands.

In addition to that, the video-sharing social media app is a huge untapped marketing opportunity for any kind of business globally.

And yet many brands are still struggling to use Tiktok. Therefore brands need people to help them learn to market and promote their products on this social app.

With being a TikTok consultant, you would love to teach others on how to set up their marketing strategies. Secondly, training brands how to shoot viral videos.

Right now it is very easy to make your content go viral on Tiktok because of how the Tiktok algorithm really works.

You can start Tiktok by creating your own viral content on your own TikTok channel.

Then go ahead and promote your videos using Tiktok advertising.

Thirdly leverage with Tiktok influencers to create and boost content.

8 – Become a virtual Assistant

Employing virtual Assistants today is one of the most recent alternatives that entrepreneurs are adapting to. With the continuous growth in Convid 19 cases, virtual assistants are on high demand.

Secondly, entrepreneurs fear incurring extra costs of transportation, housing,`insurance, medical to meet the demands of employees.

As a virtual assistant you do a variety of tasks. For example, working as a social media manager, writing, book keeping, data entry or customer supports.

Meanwhile, many celebrities around the world for example, artists, pastors, and political figures are paying social media managers to run their accounts.

Build a strong social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Make a good following by using a good combination of job postings and applications.  Get hired and make money.

You can also earn money on websites such as virtual assistant jobs, Indeed or Upwork.

9 – Create an online Course.

Sharing knowledge is one of the easiest ways to make money online.  With the raising global restrictions as a result of pandemics, sharing knowledge online is the way to go.

If you are an expert on a subject, you can monetize your knowledge by creating courses online. There are a number of platforms on which you can register your course. For example Udemy. By creating courses online, you can sale your courses. 

Besides, individuals that wish to start on small scale, you can share knowledge on social platforms such LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and teach people online. It is also very possible for you to train them on avenues like webinars. What’s app. Today many organizations their orientation programs using webinars

10 – Buying and selling domains

Buying and selling domain names is equally an exciting way of earning money online.  It is very important to note, that we are in technology-centric world, and therefore, hundreds of thousands of people today, are actively involved in making money through domain investments.

You can equally benefit from this investment as well, how do you that? All you need to get started simply.

Create a high-quality domain portfolio for your brand.

 And then, store them for some time and start to sale out to clients.

Usually, it is important to put in consideration, as you plan on buying domains to resell. Note that narrowing your focus is very key. In other words, understand your target audience.

 And then find out platforms where you can buy domains. For example domain agents, domain market places or you could contact the owners directly.

Secondly, buy domains that would be a valuable asset to the customers. Because you will want to build and maintain a quality brand portfolio.

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Thirdly check out for the available names to purchase as new registrations,

For example, .com, .org, .net or .info. In addition to this, you can choose to buy new domain names immediately if no one owns.

Finally, start selling your domains, There are many avenues for people to sale their domains to the public, For example on personal websites, through agents or public auctioning.

11 – Carry out side gigs.

Side gigs offer a wide range of opportunities to people desiring a secondary source of income. Meanwhile, as you focus on your full time job, you will want to make some extra money for yourself online.

People that have skills in content writing, SEO analysis, marketing, translation or any other field of expertise. Besides their full time jobs, can surely benefit from this as well. With platforms such as Fiverr, you sign up with them to get started.

Fiverr is by far the world’s biggest market place for people to earn extra money through side gigs.

NB: This article was written by Kyanika James – Contact him on 0771298605 for more lessons about making money online.

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