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In this article, I will show you how to generate the maximum number of page likes for free for your Facebook page. In recent years, there has been so much talk about Facebook restricting so much on growing Facebook pages organically. However, I found these tricks and they have worked super well for me to grow the audience of my Facebook page. In addition, organically without using Facebook ads. Now I know many of you are still wondering how this is possible to grow a Facebook page from 0 likes to thousands of page likes in three days.


Well, this strategy only works for those people willing to put in the work and those willing to apply the steps I am going to share in this article.

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This article is for the people who have already created their pages and finding a hard time to promote their brands online. However for those who don’t have any idea about how to create Facebook pages, here is a video tutorial you can watch. This video will also show you how you can get your first 1000 page likes in a single click.

How do I start to grow my Facebook page?
There are so many strategies you can use to grow your audience on social media. However, I found a few strategies that am yet to share with you. In addition to starting engaging with your audience on social media. This will help you to create brand awareness. Therefore it will eventually help you to increase your sales or prospects in business.

Learn to be consistent.
This is by far the best strategy to grow confidence with your prospects in business on social media. So many people are not consistent when it gets to posting content regularly related to their topic or nitch they are representing. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to post thousands of posts in a day about what you do. I have posted twice in a day at different time intervals… This has made my audience get used to the brand and even start sharing my content from my page to other pages. Try this strategy and you will surely notice a big change in your audience growth. Meanwhile, this is not a one-day thing, you have to keep doing it regularly and surely later you will see results.

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Create Good content related to your topic or business.

content is key to growing any type of online business. People are waiting for awesome content out there. If your content is unique and good, people will share it all over the network hence growing your audience. Let’s take a pick from one nitch, for example, tech business or nitch. In addition and your page name or topic is Interlet limited tech solutions. Also, and our first post on this page is about how to install windows 10 on a computer for beginners.

I will make sure I write awesome content showing all the steps clearly showing how the entire installation process is done. If for sure someone read this article and learned how to install just because of the article, he will recommend more people to come and share your content with other people. With this strategy, you will end up getting even direct engagement with people because you provide helpful content.

Join different groups related to your Topic or Business name

I have actually used this strategy to grow my business page like crazy. I, first of all, understood what my business was all about. Therefore, I searched for different groups that were related to my topic. After joining these groups, I befriended the admins of these groups not to delete my posts whenever I shared them from my page to these groups. This, however, raised concern from the group members and they started liking my page posts from the group. Meanwhile, after a short while, they started visiting my page and really found out that my content was related to what they were looking for. Therefore they liked my page and even helped to spread my content all over hence attracting more numbers to come and like the page.

Know when your audience is active/online.

It is a good thing to know when your audience is active or online. This is because it will help you have a great engagement with your audience when you post something new. Facebook at times likes fresh content but not content that was posted many days ago. Many of us are posting at 3.00 a.m. in the morning when most of our audience is sleeping. Let’s stop posting at awkward hours

With the above four strategies combined, believe me, you will grow your Facebook page organically from zero followers to thousands of followers on social media.

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