How life can be after a great love

By the time he didn’t even love him self imagine him surprise that he could love another that deeply. That his day, life determined on her being in it, that he could do the unthinkable for her.

That his whole life started to make sense when they met. He looked forward to meeting her, blushed with every compliment. But was afraid, afraid to lose himself in her.

They were some diffcult situitions in his life. Amongest them was when ever he needed to talk to her she was an available yet all he had was her.  And everyday he only achived disappointments time to time.

It was too less because he never settles for less he wanted it all or nothing at all. But all of  over assaden she loved him.

Yes but it wasn’t enough since she didn’t give it all, he loved her but it wasn’t enough since he was afraid of giving it all. He feared of loving her too much and showing it would make her grow wings.

They controlled  their hearts from heartache but still felt the wrath of it, burning coals that hurt so much they can never dare to go back. There are loves that hurt well I guess all do but then there are loves that hurt and hurt and as you seem to be recovering they hurt all over again you
get a glimpse of hell its self.

A man who just lost his great love

It was all on them though, they never gave it their all, they talked daily but never about the real stuff, they loved but their egos got in the way because they could have loved more, trusted but could have
done more, so much wasted time with few happy memories. But they can never go back because no one deserves that much pain twice in one lifetime. It was a pained love, hot and cold emotionally draining
wondering if you had done wrong, or not every damn time quarreling and taking breaks. So much wasted time.

But it didn’t mean it was the end of the world, it didn’t even mean you only fall in love once because now he is the happiest with his new woman. She gives him all that sometimes he wonders if it is real, only
for her to prove over and over that it is. It took quite some time but he found love beyond measure. He learned that love is not difficult it’s either there or it’s not, that women are not necessarily dogs, we
just meet ones that are not for us. When a woman loves you she will treat you right she will listen attentively.

There is love after a great love, do not give up just yet, yes you…there is the hope of meeting a special one. One who will understand you, cherish you, love you, be in love with you, he will trust you, she
will be faithful to you. It might take a while or it could just be tomorrow.

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