How learning institutions plan to rip off Parents and students of Fees and tuition

Learning institutions

How learning institutions plan to rip off Parents and students of Fees and tuition.

Any responsible person will always take the time to read the fine print of any documentation that crosses his/her table. Lawyers are trained to do this so they know better.
This makes me pose my question, As a Parent, did you take time to read the fees policy document of your child’s school?.

Fortebet Uganda

These documents always but not entirely have a disclaimer article. This reads something like but not limited to “The institution reserves the right at its discretion, to change, modify or add the fees structure when need be.” Have you seen that disclaimer before, well it’s not a formality, its meant for times like these?

Many learning institutions at all levels have come out to claim that they have continued to pay teachers.

In addition, and other stuff during this lockdown. The administrators say they have supplied students with reading materials online, some sent home packages to their students. Meanwhile, others have further gone ahead to hold online lectures and classes for their students.

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These activities have seriously strained and frustrated the school budgets. Their only way out of this deficit is to increase the fees paid as they argue that if fee increment is not realized it shall have a huge impact on the quality of education provided.

Parents and students are scientifically trapped in this tricky mess that they find themselves. When the institutions come out with this kind of rationale the sound like they do make a point. But do they really have a solid ground?. Unfortunately with the circumstances in hand, the institutions can not or will not jump on the social responsibility ideal. In addition, being advocated by the government.

The University/Tertiary institutions act of 2001 does give the institutions autonomy to run their business as they wish in accordance with government policies.

Uganda as a country prides in a liberalized economy in which monopolies and market regulations have been broken.

learning institutions
Minister of Higher Education in the Ugandan Cabinet John Chrysestom Muyingo

With this reality, public institutions and universities are at liberty to activate that disclaimer article in their fees structure policy document. In addition, and the government will do little or nothing about it. Parents should, therefore, expect to see an incredibly abnormal increase in tuition and fees structure of schools.

This being a political environment where politicians are focused on getting re-elected into office, the politics of fees might get a little more interesting. I am very interested to know how this will end up at the end of the day.

BY Isiret Tukei.

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