Hooliganism has no place in Africa’s premier University – Nawangwe

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the makerere University Vice Chancellor

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the Makerere University Vice Chancellor – VC has today asked students to shun hooliganism and opt for intellectualism ahead of the hectic election time.

The VC said that its time to show intellectualism and the new spirit for Makerere’s greatness and show the world how responsible and important being at Makerere.

“Dear Gallant Makerereans, we are in the season of choosing our new student leaders. Let us show the new spirit of Makerere’s greatness and show the world that we are responsible future leaders. Let us say NO TO HOOLIGANISM. LONG LIVE BRAIN POWER!” reads Nawangwe twit

This comes two days after the FDC Makerere chapter opted for violence at Mary Stuart hall , a girls’ residence at Makerere University on Monday during the process of choosing their flag bearer that ended into brawls.

He however commended the student’s population for embracing the transformation taking place at Uganda’s oldest institution.

Professor Nawangwe said that hooliganism has no place in Africa’s premier university and students must all fight it.

“These future leaders [Makerere students] of Africa have truly shunned hooliganism and opted for dialogue as intellectuals should. Bravo Mak! Show the world that you are made of superior material,” the vice chancellor said.

Nawangwe said that the University Management continues to work closely with student leaders to improve relations between the two bodies in an effort to reduce strikes, hooliganism and also open channels of communication.

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