Hon Ssegirinya Rearrested after being granted Court Bail

Kawempe North legislature Muhammad Ssegirinya has today been whisked away from Kigo prison by security operatives shortly after being granted bail court. This is the similar follow events which transpired during the fellow MP, Allan Ssewanyana was rearrested.

While narrating the follow of events, NBS journalist Daniel Lutaaya tweeted that ” The security team cocked guns and pointed them at journalists screaming muvewo “go away” He has been taken in a drone to an unknown destination”

Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana were jointly arrested on 7th September before being taken to court for masterminding the Masaka attacks. The duo has since been granted bail by court and rearrested upon exiting the prison.

The National Unity Platform party, which he subscribes too, has described his arrest as an abduction.

“Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya has been abducted by security operatives, shortly after being granted bail by court today,” the party tweeted.

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