Hon. Rebecca Kagada awarded for her exceptional efforts in education

The Association of Inspectors of Schools of Busoga sub-region has on Friday awarded the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga for her exceptional service in promoting the education sector in the sub-region.

Benard Kabambwe, the Inspector of Schools in Busoga sub-region commended the Speaker for advocating for improved education in Busoga and the country at large, through Parliamentary legislation.

He added that the Speaker has lobbied donor agencies to support the region’s education programs, which has among others, improved the literacy rate from 30% to 70%.

Hon Rebecca Kadaga (Left) receiving an ward from the Association Members.

The Speaker committed to lobbying for the inclusion of Wanyange Girls’ School and other educational institutions, to benefit from Government funding for laboratories in schools across the country.

Speaking at a meeting with Busoga academic leaders held at Wanyange Girls’ School, Speaker Kadaga commended the school’s drive to plant trees in a bid to promote environmental conservation.

 “I will not stop fighting for the girls in Busoga to go to School. I want to see them safe while at school. I have decided to construct girls’ dormitories and even stock them with beds,” she said.  
Kadaga made this commitment as she attended a graduation party of for 11 children of the Late Patrick Mulumba and Mrs. Loy Mulumba in Buwenge, Jinja district early in February this year. 

Kadaga pledged to continue fighting for education of the girl child in Busoga region.

 She revealed that it was important that education in Busoga is given a boost to allow the girls and other students excel and compete with other regions in the country.

In June 2020, Kadaga confirmed support for poor-performing schools in Busoga.

In a meeting with Busoga youth who are under internship with the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) on Thursday, 20 June 2019, Kadaga confirmed how they had identified the poorly performing schools in Busoga and took the teachers to a workshop; 83 schools were then going to get support from donors.

She also planned to go and sensitize the parents using door to door visits especially to those families that have failed to educate their children.

“We are here to advance the right to education in districts of Busoga and we are going to embark on an aggressive grassroots campaign to expose and shed a spotlight on parents who are reluctant to educate their children,” she said.

Her awarding event event was also attended by the officials from Busoga Education Initiative (BEI), led by Mrs. Agnes Kalibala.

The Speaker has also called upon all women across Uganda to support each other especially in political positions in the country, in a bid to consolidate their stake in national representation.

The Speaker made the call while addressing the meeting of the National Women’s Council, held at Kamuli Youth Centre. The meeting was themed on ‘Consolidating gains and harnessing opportunities for women in Uganda.

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