Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios denies ordering the arrest of singer Kiwewa

Nantaba Idah Erios

Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios the Woman MP of Kayunga district popularly known as Maama Kayunga and former State Minister of Lands and later of ICT and National Guidance has totally distanced herself from ordering the arrest of the local renowned Kadongo Kamu artiste Gerald Kiwewa also known as Ssabanywi.

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Gerald Kiwewa who is popularly known for his songs like Akabimbi, Eggali Ekozeeko, Abateesi Balo, Kameme, Nantaba otaba and many others was arrested on Thursday afternoon at 2:00pm from his home in Maganjo after receiving a call from police claiming to be politicians and wanted the artiste to compose for them a campaign song.

Kadongo Kamu Singer Gerald Kiwewa arrested over allegations of defaming Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios
Kadongo Kamu Singer Gerald Kiwewa

After the arrest, the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesperson ACP Patrick Onyango confirmed the arrest of the singer on grounds of defamation of Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios and he further claimed that the Woman MP of Kayunga is the complainant in the case which Hon. Nantaba has denied.

In an interview with a local TV station ‘Spark TV’, she reaffirms that she has not at any time filed a case against the singer over defamation as police stated after his arrest.

She tasked media to approach the CID headquarters that has Kiwewa in custody to produce a file of the case with the statement made by the complainant showing his name and signature as they claimed.

In addition, she said that if this is not a stunt by the singer then it is done by her enemies who are big wings in the government and uses police to defame her before her electorates of Kayunga District as we head to the 2021 general elections where she is seeking re-election of the same Parliamentary seat.

It should be remembered that Kayunga district is one of the country’s districts whose elections are always chaotic between two camps of Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios and Mr. Kalangwa Kalisa Moses who is the NRM district Chairperson who is fronting her daughter Jackeline Birungi to battle with the people’s choice Maama Kayunga.

Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios
Kalangwa Kalisa Moses NRM Kayunga District Chairperson, Nantaba’s political Rival

The Battle for power is tenser in Bbaale sub-county where Nantaba supported and contributed to the victory of Kitasimbwa Godfrey the LCIII chairperson, Musisi Charles Musomesa the District Councilor for Bbaale sub-county and also the vice-chairperson of Kayunga District, Namaganda Jaliah Musisi the women councilor for Bbaale Parish also the vice chairperson of Bbaale Sub-County and all these seek re-election of the same posts.

Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios
Musisi Charles, Vice-Chairperson Kayunga District

The Rise of Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios

 Hon. Nantaba Idah Erios joined politics in 2011 as a Woman MP of Kayunga District after a landslide victory against Nakwedde Harriet Kafeero, Hon. Naigga who was the incumbent by then and others.

She was appointed Minister of State for Lands a position that much contributed to her fame. While in this office she battled with the district tycoon Mr. Kalangwa Kalisa Moses and other big wings in the government over land grabbing and violation of human rights within the district and the country at large.

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She was re-elected in 2016 and again appointed Minister of State for ICT and National Guidance, an office she held till 2019 when President Museveni made a cabinet reshuffle in which she was dropped and succeeded by Hon. Peter Ogwang.

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