History made as Uganda Airlines makes first trip to Dubai

Uganda Airlines makes first trip to Dubai

At the beginning of this week, history was made as Uganda Airlines made her first trip to United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Since being revived two years ago, Uganda Airlines on Monday made her first ever flight to the United Arab Emirates and as though that’s not enough, this is also the airlines’ first flight outside the African continent.

While speaking to media, the airline official disclosed that this is a famous destination among the home population as citizens surely fly to Dubai for either business related affairs or even for leisure.

Due to this, the officials chose to describe Dubai as a lucrative route since it has more than enough clients that often make the trip to the middle East city which was also confirmed by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA).

Basing on UCAA, 5,800 passengers were flying from Entebbe to Dubai every month by 2017. However, Mr. Vianney Lugya believes there’s a possibility that the number of people flying to Dubai may have increased over time.

“The UAE, and most especially Dubai, is important for both the formal and informal trade for Uganda. So we hope to tap into that demand for traders travelling to the middle and Far East,” an official from the airlines stated.

Aside from the above reason, officials also believe that Dubai is a strategic location for Uganda as it could be a passage route for destination offers into Europe, the far West and the Far East.

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They believe this could be accomplished through singing interline agreements with greater players in the field of air transport that are already operating in the middle East city of Dubai.

“Our Interline agreement with Emirates opens up opportunities for the traveller on Uganda Airlines to fly to any Emirates destination while also generating opportunities in East, Central and Southern Africa,” the official went on to disclose.

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