Henry Tumukunde declares presidential bid to unseat Museveni

Henry Tumukunde

Previous security serves, Lt.Gen. Henry Tumukunde has at long last gotten straight down to business and proclaimed his presidential offer to change the norm by unseating President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

In a letter to the Electoral Commission, Tumukunde has advised the political decision assemblage of plans to counsel voters in front of his presidential offer.

But first things first, who is General Henry Tumukunde?

Henry Tumukunde is a resigned senior military official of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF).[2] He was the Minister of National Security in the Cabinet of Uganda. He was selected for that position on 6 June 2016.[3] On 4 March 2018, he was calmed of his obligations in a startling bureau reshuffle.[4]

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He is additionally a certified legal advisor. He has filled in as the UPDF’s head of work force and organization, head of military knowledge just as filling in as the leader of the UPDF Fourth Division, situated in Gulu in the Northern Region of Uganda. Tumukunde has likewise recently filled in as the chief general of the Internal Security Organization (ISO). Henry Tumukunde was likewise a Member of Parliament speaking to the Army in the Parliament of Uganda somewhere in the range of 1995 and 2005.

Henry Tumukunde

Henry Tumukunde was conceived on 28 February 1959 in Rukungiri District in the Western Region of Uganda. He went to Bishop Stuart College Demonstration School for his essential tutoring. He learned at Kigezi College Butobere (Siniya) and Kibuli Secondary School for his O-Level and A-Level instruction, separately.

Tumukunde moved on from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1981. He got a Diploma in Legal Practice granted by the Law Development Center in 2010. He likewise holds an Executive Masters in Oil and Gas Management, granted by the Graduate Institute of Geneva in 2013

During his time at Makerere, Tumukunde was engaged with against government legislative issues, which thusly prompted his joining of then agitators, the National Resistance Army, drove by current Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Tumukunde was dogged by the administration security administrations during his last year at the college and on consummation, chose to join the battle, alongside two of his companions at that point, Major General Mugisha Muntu, and Colonel Jet Mwebaze

Obote’s security administrations at the time found out about their approaching flight for the shrub and mounted an assault on the NRA’s travel house, a shop in the nation’s capital city, Kampala. It is said that Tumukunde close by Muntu acted like businesspeople, enduring what might have been certain torment and passing. In the beginning periods of the war, Henry Tumukunde was a heavy armament specialist and in the long run proceeded to get one of the senior officials in the revolutionary armed force, demonstrated by his senior number RA 0111

Henry Tumukunde

In 1985, during one of the greater fights with the Uganda National Liberation Front in Luweero District, Tumukunde was shot on different occasions in his legs. The injuries were major to the point that it was figured he would not endure. He was, be that as it may, pirated out of the nation to Nairobi and inevitably to London where he was worked on

On catching force, Henry Tumukunde was elevated to the position of major and selected first secretary and military attache at the Ugandan Embassy in the United Kingdom. Along these lines, Tumukunde was sent on a Command and Staff Course at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, in Kaduna, Nigeria from where he rose as probably the best understudy. He later on came back to Uganda where he turned into the Army’s chief of arranging. Tumukunde served right now numerous years and was extremely instrumental in the set up of formal military structures in the UPDF, which had up to that point been a renegade armed force

In 1994, Uganda held races for the Constituent Assembly and Tumukunde tried to speak to his home area Rubaabo.

His principal rival was an administration priest and senior figure Mondo Kagonyera. Tumukunde, who was in mid-thirties at that point, was believed to be the longshot in the race; be that as it may, Tumukunde was an awesome mobilizer and won by an overwhelming margin edge. Henry Tumukunde then joined the CA, which defined the current 1995 Ugandan Constitution. Tumukunde was known to be an ordinary and insightful supporter of the meetings and discussions that went before the arrangement of the Constitution

Following the set-up of the constitution, Uganda held decisions and Tumukunde along these lines turned into an individual from parliament speaking to the Army as a specific vested party.

He proceeded to fill in as an MP until 2005. Also, Tumukunde was elevated to the position of lieutenant colonel and delegated head of the workforce and organization. In 1998, Tumukunde was again elevated to the position of colonel and delegated head of military knowledge and security.

His residency was seemingly the best by any official all things considered during this time Al-Qaeda’s arrangement to bomb the American Embassy was defeated. There was additionally a period where bombings were wild inside the capital Kampala, and by and by Henry Tumukunde shaped a few knowledge boards of trustees inside the city and the issue was overseen.

Tumukunde likewise constructed a friendly affinity with the Muslim people group, which many had blamed for leading the assaults, to such an extent that key insight data was sent to him easily. Seemingly, it was during his rule that the Ugandan knowledge mechanical assembly was at its generally effective

“My interviews will, hence, target different gatherings in the nation with a perspective on encouraging my choices in front of designations of presidential up-and-comers scheduled for October 2020. I will convey those choices to the EC at the earliest opportunity, on the off chance that, during the time allotment recommended in the important laws,”Tumukunde says in a letter got by the Electoral Commission on March 3, 2020.

“My discussions will reach out to them at present existing political groupings or ideological groups, security organizations, law implementation offices, ranchers, urban tenants, young people, ladies, business visionaries, older, common society and government foundations among different gatherings.”

In his letter, Henry Tumukunde says he anticipates that the Electoral Commission should offer him the fundamental help to empower him to do the conferences without interferences.

“I implore that the statutory order of the EC will be regarded by different organs of the state and that there will be concordance all through this significant established exercise,” he says.

Tumukunde’s presidential desire previously came to be known about a year ago when he displayed his hidden Kampala Lord city hall leader offer.

When we got some information about the presidential offer, the dubious resigned UPDF general said there was nothing incorrectly for him to harbor presidential desire.

“There is nothing amiss with being a president but on the other hand I don’t know whether anyone can be a president,” Tumukunde said while showing up on a nearby political show a year ago.

“The political space is open. Should you sense that you need a political activity, the street is fully open, you shouldn’t hold back to be one of the delegates.”

Half a month back, the military pulled back resigned Lt.Gen. Henry Tumukunde’s gatekeepers.

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