Harmonize dumped by his Italian Girlfriend Sarah Michelotti, Here is Why

Harmonize dumped by his Italian Girlfriend Sarah Michelotti, Here is Why

Konde Music Gang CEO Singer Harmonize has been officially dumped by his Italian wife Michelotti Sarah… In addition, a few hours after saying that that he sired a child out of wedlock. According to Michelotti, she revealed to us that she has been a lot with Konde boy therefore she ain’t ready for other disappointments …

“I married you because I loved you, you were everything to me and I chose you as you were and I gave you all my love and I tried to give you the happiness that you could not give me. Day after day I came to realize that you are completely different and rude to anyone. And you don’t know how to take care of a woman like me or be proud of someone who has given you a good life. And you don’t know how to respect the people who loved you and who supported you.

Most of the time I realize that you are a liar and a liar for everything,” Sarah Michelotti wrote.

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I have been through a lot in these x marriage relationships and if I put it all here everyone will be surprised because you are weaving completely different. You always wear a mask on your face. I don’t have many words to say at the moment .. you have never been thankful for one day for what I did for you and now you are late. life will teach you a lesson that you deserve for all the things you have done for me and for now I will focus on my life. Bless you and now you have time to be with any woman you meet along the way.

And I advise you: learn how to appreciate and respect what people have done for you,” Sarah Michelotti added.

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