Hajjat Aisha Nakasujja CEO Aloesha Organic Health Products is Dead

Hajjat Aisha Nakasujja, the proprietor and Chief Executive Officer of one of the leading herbalmedicine, food supplements and cosmetics manufacturing companies in Uganda has passed on.

Following a crippling personal setback that left her in complete financial ruin, Hajjat Nakasujja was not sure how she would pick up the pieces and start making a living. As she pondered this challenge, she began the activities that would eventually lead to the birth of Aloesha Organic Natural Health Products Ltd.

The company was born out of a passionate desire first to help her friends finds find natural remedies for their health problems and second (in that order), to make a financial come-back. Having been introduced to a variety of medicinal plants by her mother at a young age, Hajjat Aisha Nakasujja had always been fascinated by clinical nutrition and herbal medicines. This fascination stimulated her desire to pursue a career and later start a business in this field.

To further polish the skills she had learned from her mother, Hajjat Nakasujja obtained training in nutritional medicine at Plaskett International College, in the United Kingdom. Immediately after qualifying as a psychotherapist in 2008, Hajjat Nakasujja began offering free consultation services and herbal medicinal formulas to members of her family and friends, free of charge.

Hajjat Nakasujja soon learned, however, that the people she was “helping” did not know how to identify the medicinal plants in her herbal formulas. This compelled her to change her approach. Instead of providing herbal formulas, Hajjat Nakasujja started blending the herbs herself; using herbs picked from her mother’s garden in Wakiso.

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