Gwe okomba bUs0lo- Ykee Benda blasts tweep

Please stop messing around with bald headed men, they have a lot of things running under that shiny surface and if you fall on them on their bad day, they might blast you to your grave.

Such was the case with a certain Twitter use known as A Sexy Muganda who tried to troll the Mpaka Records boss on his page.

Ykee Benda described himself as self made in regards to his music career. This is something he has been singing about for quite long.

However, this follower jumped into his comment section and told him that probably the word self made changed meaning. This is because Ykee Benda had to lick Sheebah’s feet to land a collabo that made him the brand he is.

If it wasn’t for the Farma remix that Sheebah did with Benda, he would still be known only in his Kireka hood this tweep insinuated.

The self styled boy so tender on every girl’s agenda hit back and told this tweep that at least he licks feet unlike her who licks d!cks.

Well well you now know that you can’t mess with some public figures and get away with your stupid attention seeking comments.

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