Grenade accused of stealing watch and spoiling ex’s iPhone 13


Singer Grenade Official’s problems with his ex Abdula Aziz Kilooto seem like they are far from over. With court set to hear the charges of trespass and threatening violence yesterday, Kilooto asked the case to be adjourned so she can press more charges.

And these are bizarre cases, the Nkuloga singer is accused of stealing his ex girlfriend’s watch worth 500 dollars. Attempts to retrieve the watch from him have all failed as the singer doesn’t want to return it.

Besides, he toyed around with the Kilooto’s iPhone 13 Promax and had it blocked. Further Kilooto through her lawyers said that she wants the singer to stop singing his song titled Wewanika. This is because its derogatory and is meant to mock her.

“The case was supposed to he heard today but we asked for court to push it further as we have another charge to add onto the charge sheet. This is theft of a watch that costs USD 500 which Grenade took. Ms Kilooto has continously asked for the watch but Grenade has refused to give it over.

Besides he also destroyed our client’s iPhone 13 Promax by pressing things we don’t even know and its now out of use. So on the case of threatening violence and trespass, we have added theft.

He also released a song titled Wewanika which we feel is so derogatory towards our client. We want him to stop singing it at any function and even pull it down from his media pages because it’s derogatory and yet targets our client,” the lawyer said.

Grenade broke up bitterly with this sugar mummy a few weeks ago. She proceeded to throw his belongings outside of her home in Kitende and pressed charges of trespass and threatening violence against him. He was briefly detained before being released on bond.

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