Gov’t donates food to Moroto residents amidst rising cases of famine

Gov't donates food to Moroto residents amidst rising cases of famine

The government of Uganda has donated food stuffs to Moroto residents amidst rising cases of famine resulting from food shortage.

Member of Parliament Francis Adome Lorika delivered the relief food to the Moroto residents at a time when most households are struggling to survive thanks to the fact that there is food scarcity in the area.

Crop failure is the district is attributed to the prolonged drought which therefore limited on the chances of crops surviving and subsequently, high rates of famine.

Among the food stuffs that have been donated through the office of the Prime Minister in clude 120 bags of beans, 400 bags of maize flour packaged in 100 kilogram bags, 3,000 kilograms of sugar mean to be distributed from door to door.

Each household is expected to receive 5kgs of posho, in between 1 to 2kgs of beans and an unspecified amount of sugar during the distribution process which is to be enforced by the local leaders.

The act left many of the residents extremely happy since the community is not only battling with the imapct of crop failure thanks to the prolonged drought but also economic hardships as instigated by the currently ongoing lockdown.

According to Regina Teko, a resident of Natumkasikou village, in Moroto municipality, the relief food shall help people who are disabled, people living with HIV/AIDs as well as other vulnerable people in society.

Although this is the first relief food the people of Moroto are receiving in relation to covid-19 and crop failure, the Deputy Chief Administrative Office Moroto, Peter Gidongo Wasagani said he is optimistic they shall receive more assistance.

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He even informed media that the district authorities are well equipped with comprehensive reports which clearly portray the food situation in the district as he said;

“We have dispatched the food for distribution through divisions. Distributions take place at selected points in each village for all the residents. We are hoping that OPM will respond to our request for more food to cater for the people outside the municipality who have been affected by drought leading to crop failure.”

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