Government warns Pastor Bugingo over refusing his followers from taking COVID 19 vaccination

The Minister for Kampala affairs Kabuye Kyofatogabye has come out to warn leaders especially religious ones like Pastor Aloysius Bugingo on misleading the public against being vaccinated for COVID 19.

It’s alleged that the House of Prayer International Ministries (HPMI) Pastor in his recent sermons discouraged his flock from taking the jab.

Bugingo said that he doesn’t believe in God and people should instead pray to God.

However while appearing in an interview with CBS FM, minister Kabuye expressed disappointment over Bugingo’s remarks which are very misleading towards people’s health.

He went ahead to say that meetings shall be held to discuss what to be done for leaders like Bugingo.

It should he recalled that President Museveni in his COVID 19 address increased the number of Church congregants to 200.

This was supposed to be done with strict adherence to the Ministry of Health SOPs.

Kabuye Kyofatogabye however said that he was disappointed after the investigation they carried out showed that most of these churches however ignored the SOPs.

“Yesterday, we tried to monitor the operations of places of worship however we were disappointed that some churches did not do as they were ordered to do although most of them tried to abide by the law. But Pr. Bugingo of all people disappointed me for telling his people not to go for vaccinations yet the presidential directives were very clear directing them to encourage their people to go for Covid-19 vaccination,” the Minister announced.

It should be noted that President Museveni said that the government has a target to vaccinate about 4.8 million people by January 2022 in order to lift the economy wholly.

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