Government gives Makerere University green light for online classes

Makerere University

The government has given Makerere University permission to resume classes online amidst the Covid-19 lockdown.

The institution of higher learning was closed after the President imposed a lockdown attributed to the outrageous numbers of patients suffering from covid-19 that had been recorded in the country.

However, with close to no hope for normalcy to run into the education system, the university petitioned the government for the opening of the learning system through the online learning system.

In retaliation, the government granted the university an opportunity to continue the learning process which is scheduled to kick off at the beginning of next month with the examinations that students were in the middle of doing.

Right after this, students shall be expected to continue with the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021 which shall also be online just like the examinations which the students are yet to complete.

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The education sector has greatly been affected by the covid-19 pandemic as it paralyzed the learning system throughout the country. Students have had to adapt to online learning and also, learning while using televisions and radios.

Since the previous academic year, students have had to juggle between online learning and physical classes which were halted upon the increment in the numbers of people suffering from covid-19.

Therefore, in order for students to be able to graduate to the next academic level, they will have to embrace the online learning system or less, normalcy is far from being seen soon.

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