Government Encourages Farmers To Register Under The New Coffee Law

As part of the government’s revised target for the coffee roadmap of 20 million bags by 2025, the registration of farmers, nursery and seed garden operators, and cooperatives was embedded in the new coffee law.

This requirement however remains controversial, but government has cautioned farmers that those who reject it, will be the ultimate losers.

The law seeks to address new developments, advances and challenges that have emerged in: Coffee research and extension services, Farmer organizations, Climate change.

The government has therefore encouraged the farmers to continue taking part in the sector players registration since it’s well intentioned.

“We are registering farmers for proper planning, for proper extension, for real timely
statistics, for traceability. If you don’t want to register, it’s up to you and it’s you who will lose out,” Frank Tumwebaze the Minister of Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Industry said.

As the coffee growth trajectory points upwards, the local exporters are still slightly disadvantaged especially when it comes to capital.

“The financing is still a problem. Our Ugandan exporters are still experiencing difficulties in financing that can help them to compete with external sector players who have access to money easily. We therefore have to do more,” Dr Ezra Suruma, Head of Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, OPM.

These deliberations were made during the national stakeholders dialogue on the coffee act 2021 where the progress on the implementation of the national roadmap is being updated.

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