Government busted over the Covid 19 relief funds

For a long time now, questions have been raised about how government disbursed the Ugx 100,000 COVID 19 government relief funds last month.

There were a lot of unanswered questions the government did not answer from the public.

However, the PM Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja during the launch of the exercise called a one Geoffrey Oloya a boda cyclist in Gulu as the first recipient of this money.

In a twist of events, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Local Government resealed that the so called Geoffrey Oloya is an impersonator.

The Boda boda riders association in Gulu also said that they don’t have anyone known as Geoffrey Oloya in their books.

The PAC on local government under the former Gulu district chairperson Ojara Martin Mapenduzi said that the said Oloya is an assistant to the town mayor.

“The people who were sent to register did their job but when it reached data entry, names were changed, thy brought in people whose identity is unknown. Some of them were made to be Boda boda, others made to be drivers when they are actually not.” Mapenduzi reported.

Further, it’s said that the money ended up in the hands of the former division mayor’s, councilors, LC III’s and other staff who were not termed vulnerable.

Over 11,000 names were registered in Gulu but few of these if the right ones received the aid.

Besides it was reported that the number was also inflated.

The chairperson of the boda boda riders in Gulu city Justine Paul Ochola said that there is nothing like Geoffrey Oloya in their books.

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