God has shown me that you will soon be greater than Beyonce- Prophet prophecies to Sheebah

Sheebah Karungi

Wow men of God can really prophecy things that make you wonder if at all God is really speaking through them.

These pastors prophecy some of the most bizarre and craziest things you will ever hear.

Now the latest prophecy is from a one pastor called prophet Tumusiime Joseph of pastor Joseph ministries.

This prophet says that Sheebah will soon be great and the world will embrace her.

Even the greatest of singers such as Beyonce will seat down and applaud her greatness.

“Sheebah Karungi , the heaven is your limit, I have seen you singing a worldwide class song, many nation’s to celebrate your song, both political and religious that have touched on hearts of lions both in Africa and the Western world. The Beyonce sang but you will sing and they will sit to watch you. Relax and correct your courage, you will make it and never let pride to destroy the future.” The prophet posted on his Facebook page.

It was a post that perhaps even amazed Sheebah as she took a screenshot of it and shared it on her Facebook page.

It’s not the first time the prophet is giving some stunning prophecies.

In 2019, he said that the then American president Donald Trump would rule for only one term and it happened after he was beaten in the 2020 polls by Joe Biden.

He also prophesied that former Kyadondo east mp Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu would not only be MP but also president.

This is a prophecy that is yet to happen.

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